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Position: Texas Ren-Faire Blacksmith

The Dragon Forge Experience is seeking a charismatic metal professional with experience in blacksmithing and moving metal to shape. The perfect fit for this position is someone who is not only capable of blade-smithing and blacksmithing but also skilled at working with large groups of people and teaching patrons of all ages and skill levels. Our Dragon Smiths will work with groups of around 4 during experience driven sessions where the guests take on the form of an apprentice (or occasionally a power hammer) while the Smith steps into the role of the seasoned master. Our patrons expect a good show so the ideal Dragon Smith will need to have a big personality and a big passion for metal. This position pays $15.00 an hour before tips.

  • At the Dragon Forge Experience our Blacksmiths are part smith, part guide, and part dragon tamer. As a smith, your role will be to manage the forge, work the tongs while guiding the guests through the forging process, and to provide an entertaining experience for the guests and the gathering audience.

  • If you have an outgoing personality, blacksmith skills and like to dress up in historical clothing, this job is for you!

When & Where?

  • The Texas Renaissance Fair runs from October 12- December 1st 2024 every Saturday and Sunday, And Black friday The faire is open from 9am - 8:00pm, but staff will need to be on site by 8:00am and will work until close, plus clean up.

  • The faire grounds are located at 21778 Farm to Market 1774
    Todd Mission, TX 77363 site 3EF

  • Camping is available at the fair campground at an additional price.


  • Blacksmiths will make a competitive hourly rate plus split tips. We find that smiths with an outgoing personality tend to make a pretty decent amount in tips.

  • The job and pay will be based off of a 10 hour work day, two days a weekend. This is a not a salary position, so smiths must show to be paid. There is a lunch break and two 15 minute breaks during the work day.

  • Smiths are encouraged to network with our guests to offer them additional services and full lessons outside of the fair. DFE is not interested in offering lessons or classes in the area outside of what we currently do. This is a great way for our smiths to gain additional commissions and students, and increase local sales throughout the year.

Expectations & Information

  • Training: there will be a set training day(s) for Staff of DFE. All Staff must attend. This will give us an opportunity to set our expectations, practice forging together, and let us see your processes, flow, and personality.

  • Work Load: It is expected that smiths will be able to handle leading up to 4 guests through an experience at a time at a pace of roughly 2 experience sessions per hour. Part of the job is to entice fair-goers to join an experience so that you can meet these numbers. 

  • Breaks: Smiths will be given a 30 mins lunch break and two 15 minute breaks per day. Lunch is not provided, so pack a lunch or be prepared to purchase food from the food courts. We do often make shared crock-pot meals.

  • Clothing: All Staff will be required to be in full period clothing for the duration of the work day. Outfits are subject to fair review. DFE will pay for one maroon colored shirt and black bottoms. Shoes must be acquired by staff on their own.

  • Sobriety: all Staff must show up sober and remain sober throughout the work day. We have a zero tolerance policy for alcohol and drug usage during work hours due to the nature of our work and insurance policy. 

  • Legal Papers: All Staff will be considered contractors and will fill out 1099s as well as sign a non-compete with DFE. This will not limit your ability to practice as a blacksmith in your area, just within renaissance fairs and similar festivals or any event we book at.

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