Q: What are the age requirements?

A: The minimum age varies for each experience. Short experience is 6 years old. Medium experience is 9 years old. Long experience is 12 years old.


Q: Are there any clothing requirements? 

A: Closed toed shoes are recommended, we have leather foot coverings if you aren't wearing shoes with enough coverage. Pants provide great coverage but you are free to wear shorts. Clothing made from 100% cotton is preferred. Some clothing (especially poly based clothing) may require a leather apron. You will be provided with safety glasses unless you wear prescription glasses already.

Q: What are your COVID-19 regulations? 

A: Masks must be worn per the MDHHS mandate both inside our store and during the experience. If you have a medical condition that does not allow you to wear a mask, you can still do the experience but you may have to wait to go solo, if the group you are scheduled with feels at risk. We sanitize our hammers, tongs, and other equipment between sessions.


Q: Do you take cards or cash?

A: We take both! Currently there is a change shortage so we ask that you come with exact change if possible. All transactions have an added 6% sales tax.

Q: What are the upgrades?

A: The upgrades vary depending on what smith is working and how full our day is, but you can reach out a few days before your appointment and find out what upgrades will be available for your appointment. We have done snake heads, leaves, extra runes, superhero pommels and extra detailed wands, for instance. You are also welcome to pick any upgrades during your check in process; we have a selection of upgrade design suggestions in our shop you can peruse.  


Q: Do the knives come with sheaths?

A: Yes! All the blades made here will be sheathed upon pickup. We have both leather and nylon sheaths available, but be aware the shape and size of your knife will determine which sheath fits. ​

Q: How much will I actually get to do?

A: You will get to do most of the hammering. Our smiths generally just make sure the finished piece meets our standards for quality and that it finishes in time for us to remain on schedule. If you follow their direction well, they will have to do very little. In cases where you get tired or we think a break is needed for safety, we will do some of the forging. Generally, you do between 85% and 95% of the forge work. Out team does make sure the final pieces are cleaned up and ready to go.


Q: How long until I leave with my finished piece?

A: It depends on the experience.

  • Daggers and Railspike Knives take the longest to grind and can take anywhere from 20 mins to an hour after your experience to be ready to be picked up. We recommend a quick tour around River Place Shops and re-hydration after your experience, while you wait for the knife to be finished.

  • The Horseshoe knives are generally ready much faster. A drink inside at the Café or a Beignet at N'orlins and you should be ready to go after 15 to 40 minutes. 

  • The Wands, Rune Pendants and Candy Cane Ornaments are clear coated and ready to go almost immediately after you finish forging them. 

We do take your number and text or call when your item is ready. If you are in town for the day or doing dinner, just let us know. We are there until 6:30 pm and your items just need to be picked up before close of business.

Q: Do I need an appointment?

A: An appointment is never required but it always recommended! While we take walk-ins when we can, we can never guarantee a spot without an appointment. 

Q: Why do I need to come early?

A: Our goal is to stay on schedule and part of how we do that is getting our sessions all checked in before that time slots starts. It does take a few minutes for each person to pay, sign the waiver, and get queued up. We run our sessions European style, which means we combine up to 4 people at a time. Our legal department requires each person to have an active waiver each time they participate.

Q: Am I able to bring my own steel?

A: We don't generally allow for unknown steel during our experiences for both safety and quality reasons. Depending on the schedule, we occasionally make an exception if we are able to pre-check the requested material. Please call us to talk us through any special requests. We are happy to work with you if possible.