Position: Renaissance Grinder

  • At the Dragon Forge Experience our Grinders are the backbone of our operation. Every knife that gets forged will pass through your hands. As a grinder, you will be the keeper of quality, the master of sharpness, and the key to our patron's smiles.

  • If you have an eye for detail, skill with grinding equipment and a passion for sharp knives, we want you!

When & Where?

  • The MI Renaissance Fair runs from September 5th to October 4th, every Saturday and Sunday, as well as the first and last Friday. The faire is open from 10am - 7pm, but staff will need to be on site by 9:00am and will be on the clock until 7:30pm.

  • The faire grounds are located at 12600 Dixie Hwy, Holly, MI 48442.

  • Camping is available through the fair campground at $55/weekend if you live more than 75 miles away.


  • Grinders will make $11 per hour plus tips (split from the tip jar).

  • This is a not a salary position, so Grinders must show to be paid.

  • The job and pay will be based off of a 10 hour work day, two days a weekend (there are two 3-day weekends).

Expectations & Information

  • Training: There will be a set training day for all new hires. This will give us an opportunity to set our expectations, practice our grinding processes together, find our flow, and see each other personalities.

  • Breaks: Grinders will be given a 30 mins lunch break and two 15 minute breaks per day. Lunch is not provided, so pack a lunch or be prepared to purchase food from the food courts.

  • Work load: It is expected that Grinders will be able to handle grinding out 50+ knives per day and knives will be sharp and oiled. Ability to cross work as a Blacksmith will add to your consideration as that will help with scheduling breaks for the Crew.

  • Safety: Safety is important and Grinders are expected to wear eye, ear and lung protection when operating the equipment.

  • Clothing: All Staff will be required to be in full period clothing for the duration of the work day. Outfits are subject to fair review.

  • Sobriety: All Staff must remain show up sober and remain sober throughout the work day. We have a zero tolerance policy for alcohol and drug usage during work hours due to the nature of our work and insurance policy. 

  • Legal papers: All Staff will be considered contractors and will fill out a1099 form.

Grind with us in Michigan!
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