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Axe Forging Class

Forge Your Bearded Tomahawk

This 3 hour forging class will cover the basics of forging out a bearded style tomahawk axe. You can forge like a Viking and then throw like one!

2020-08-22 14.23.37.jpg
2020-08-18 14.54.22.jpg
2020-08-18 14.54.22.jpg

What to Expect

We will be learning the punch and drift method for forging an axe eye. From there we will separate out the mass of the axe and then work it to shape. Participants will be introduced to forging on our COAL Ironworks 12 ton presses as well as hand hammering. The class will run 3 hours and includes a handle and grinding.* 
Please bring water and wear closed toed shoes.

*Grinding will be done by our in-house staff due to liability

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