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FACE the Dragon

This is more than just a forging demonstration; YOU wield the hammer to forge your own piece under the guidance of our experienced blacksmiths. Harness the fire power of the dragon's breath to forge your own dagger, knife, wand, hair pin, or rune pendant.

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When you enter the village of Fairhaven at the North Carolina Renaissance Faire, you step into a historical and magical world. While there, you won't want to miss out on the authentic historical blacksmithing experience your family has been waiting for! Our blacksmiths have tailored experiences appropriate for all ages and skill levels (ages 6 up). Guests can forge Magic Wands, Rune Pendants, Hairpins, Horseshoe Knives and Railroad Spike Knives!


During the months of October & November you can forge any one (or more) of these fantastic items with us at the North Carolina Renaissance Faire, and take away your finished piece. We offer 6 different experiences that focus on different blacksmithing techniques. Come enjoy the experience of a lifetime!

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