This is more than just a forging demonstration; YOU wield the hammer to forge your own piece under the guidance of our experienced blacksmiths. You can forge a unique blade, jewelry piece, magic wand, or even a Christmas ornament. Leave with a unique handmade product and the experience of a lifetime!

Our goal is to spread the love of forging. When you come to make something with us, we run it like a master-apprentice forge. You actually do 85% - 95% of the work while our blacksmith is teaching our and guiding you through. You start with the raw material and work it all the way through to the quench. Our smiths will guide you and occasionally course correct your piece but they are mostly there to help you make the piece you want. Once you quench the piece, we will sharpen the blades and clear coat the other pieces to make sure your piece is finished properly and last you a long time.