Position: Sales Team

  • At the Bavarian Blacksmith Experience our sales people make the operation as a whole successful. We're looking for someone that can capture passing patrons and get them on an anvil with a Blacksmith or simply buy some of our retail products.

  • If you have a knack for hawking, selling, and convincing people to follow your direction, than you are perfect for this role!

When & Where?

  • We are open from Wednesday to Sunday, 10:30am - 6:30pm.

  • We are located at the River Place Shops in Frankenmuth, MI just outside the Old Time Photo in a green shed.


  • Sales people will make $10 per hour.

  • This is a not a salary position, so Sales people must show to be paid.

Expectations & Information

  • Training: There will be a set training day for new staff. All staff must attend. This will give us an opportunity to set our expectations as well as educate the sales team on products, pricing and background.

  • Breaks: Sales people will be given a 30 mins lunch break and two 15 minute breaks per day. Lunch is not provided, so pack a lunch or be prepared to purchase food from the food courts.

  • Uniform: Staff will be provided with a work t-short once they are hired in; bottoms should be a neutral color. 

  • Sobriety: all Staff must remain show up sober and remain sober throughout the work day. We have a zero tolerance policy for alcohol and drug usage during work hours due to the nature of our work and insurance policy. 

  • Legal papers: All Staff will be considered contractors and will fill out a 1099 form.

Sell with us in Michigan!
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